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Chapter 879 Hidden Sect Doesn't Need Trash

Long Xiang felt as if he had fallen into a deep ice cave.

He didn't even dare to turn his head.

Normally he wouldn't be afraid at all. He would even be confident enough to speak casually to the man standing behind him now. But now that Linglong Group was gone, the one thing that the Long family could rely on was gone too.

Long Xiang wasn't able to bear this loss at


Long Xiang didn't turn around. He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. ''You're here."

He wasn't able to tell from his tone of voice whether the person behind him was angry or not. But he was very sure that he had to bear the consequences of losing Linglong Group, and perhaps his entire family might have to bear the consequences.


''I didn't want to come, but I had to."

The voice behind him remained calm and flat, like a robot was talking. The voice had no emotions and it was impossible to tell his mood.

''I gave you five years. Five years."

''And what happened in the end? You tell me."

Long Xiang clenched his fists and turned around. He looked at the man in a mask seated on the seat reserved for the head of the Long family, the seat that belonged to him.

''Five years? Do you know how I've lived the past five years?'' He took a deep breath. ''I've been working so hard for your sake and so many of my family members have died and we've paid such a high price!

Linglong Group has finally come to fruition and we were about to reap the harvest too!

I didn't want to fail either!''

Long Xiang continued to shout, ''What you've lost is just an information network. What about the Long family? We've lost the hard work of so many generations!''

The other man just sat there and looked at Long Xiang without saying anything.

The mask on his face was rather strange. It only had two holes to reveal a pair of deep set eyes, but the rest of it had no other pattern or drawing on it, and it was all white.

He sat there and rapped his fingers lightly on the table, as if he was waiting for Long Xiang to explain things to him.

''This is my mistake, so I can make up for it!'' Long Xiang was breathing heavily and clenched his teeth. ''The Long family will make up for it!''


''I'll create another Linglong Group for

you!'' he shouted. ''This time, I won't need five years. Just three years! Just give me three years and...''

''Do you think my time isn't worth anything?''

''I'm not happy with this explanation."

Long Xiang became anxious. ''My Lord! We are in a partnership and not superior and subordinate! You cannot treat me like this!''

''Since you're part of Hidden Sect, then I call the shots. You can refuse my commands if you are able to kill me."

His Lordship stood up and walked over to Long Xiang with his hands behind his back. Long Xiang didn't dare to move anymore.

He had thought about this scenario before

and figured that he would fight His Lordship and the worst that could happen would be that both of them would die together. But when this man was really standing in front of him, he didn't have the guts to move at all.

''How do you think the Long family survived back then?''

''Out of the eight supremely powerful families, why do you think I let yours stay?''

''If your family wasn't worth something to me, I would have destroyed it at one go. So what if you're a supremely powerful family? All these material things like money and status aren't worth anything, no matter how much you accumulate."

Long Xiang didn't dare to move at all. His breathing started to quicken.

His palms were covered in sweat and blood was rushing through his entire body. He


couldn't calm down at all.

He couldn't remain calm in front of this man at all.

Long Xiang suddenly felt that only a crazy man like Chang Zaishan would have been able to be so presumptuous towards His Lordship.

''Give...give me another chance!'' Long Xiang said through clenched teeth.

''I already gave you a chance but you didn't seize it," His Lordship shook his head. ''If I hadn't secretly intervened, did you think you would even have the chance to take Linglong Group back?''

''Linglong Group had long spiraled out of your control and the Long family wouldn't have been able to take control of it at all. You are nothing but a useless piece of trash."

He headed out of the main hall but Long Xiang stood where he was and didn't dare to move.

''Hidden Sect doesn't need trash."

Chapter 880 The Fall of the Long

His Lordship's voice faded and he disappeared into the darkness. It was as if he had never come.

Long Xiang stood where he was like a statue. It was as if someone had nailed his feet to the floor and he didn't move at all.

The night passed slowly.

Around 4AM, Long Fei couldn't sleep and walked into the main hall to see Long Xiang standing there. He quickly walked over to him.

''Dad, you're still up...AHH!''

Long Fei suddenly let out a shout as if he had seen a ghost. His face was filled with terror.


He ran over quickly and reached out to touch Long Xiang. Long Xiang's body


started to waver and looked like he was going to collapse, so Long Fei caught him and started shouting with all his might, ''DAD! DAD! Don't die! Don't die!!''

Long Xiang was bleeding from so many places.

His eyes were still wide and two streams of blood flowed out from the corner of his eyes.

There was blood coming out from his nose, ears and mouth as well.

His body was already cold. ''Dad! Wake up! DAD!''

Long Fei was filled with terror as he continued to shout as he held onto Long Xiang's body. He never thought that Long Xiang would suddenly die, and would die so quietly and in such a horrific manner.

In no time, all the lights in the house were lit as everyone started scuttling in and out. Long Xiang's death threw the entire household into a panic.

Long Ling'er was frozen to the spot when she heard the news.

She didn't understand how things turned out like this. Why did Long Xiang suddenly collapse?

Long Ling'er ran to the main hall to find that Long Fei was still holding onto Long Xiang's body. His eyes looked like there was no soul left in them.

''Fei? Fei '' Her eyes were red as she called out to him. ''Dad is..."

''...dead," replied Long Fei in a hoarse voice. His throat had gone dry. ''It's's them..."

''Who?'' Long Ling'er clenched her teeth.

''Who are they? Who killed Dad?!''

''It's them! It's definitely them!'' Long Fei suddenly looked like he had gone mad and started yelling, ''Run! Run now!

They're coming! They're going to come anytime!''

He suddenly stood up and his eyes widened as he gripped Long Ling'er's hands so hard that she yelped in pain. ''They'll kill the Long family! They'll kill all of us!''

''They're here!''

''They're definitely here!''


Long Fei went running out screaming like he had gone mad. Long Ling'er couldn't stop him no matter how much she yelled at him.

Long Xiang was dead.

He had suddenly collapsed in the night. The entire northern region was shaken up.

Linglong Group had just announced its closure and hadn't even cleaned up all its debts, and Long Xiang had suddenly passed away. On top of that, the next head of the family, Long Fei, had lost his mind and kept muttering things that nobody could understand.

The Long family was a supremely powerful family in the north

But in one night, it had suffered a tremendous loss and they didn't even have a leader now.

Long Ling'er tried hard to organize the funeral and take care of Long Xiang's matters despite the pain and grief she felt. But the internal strife in the family made her feel weak and unmotivated.


Long Xiang had just passed away, and his brothers were already here to fight for the family assets.

They were going to make the family fall even faster this way.

''My father has just passed away and you want to split the family already?'' shouted Long Ling'er at the funeral.

She was helpless and frustrated, and she really wished that man could be by her side right now. That way, nobody would dare to bully her.