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Chapter 881

Long Ling'er felt terrible inside when she saw all these people acting more like demons than humans.

When Long Xiang was still alive, he managed to keep them under control and he called the shots in the family. His brothers didn't like being under his thumb, but they never dared to go against him.

But now, Long Xiang had just passed away and these people were eager to rebel.

They were all afraid that the Long family would suddenly collapse, and by the time that happened, the Long family would have nothing left for them to take.

''Ling'er, what are you talking about? Did you think the Long family has nothing to do with us?''

''We're all part of the Long family and we used to listen to your father because he was the head of the family. But now that


he's no longer around, you should hand the family over so that we can all support the family together!''

''Don't mind me saying this, but don't tell me you still want to keep everything for yourself at a time like this? The Long family doesn't belong to you alone!''

Her uncles continued to berate her like this, and there was anger in their voices.

It was as if Long Ling'er was the one at fault and not them.

They kept going on about how they were fighting for the various assets that the Long family had in order to keep the family going, and that's why they thought that they should split the assets right now, despite being at Long Xiang's funeral.

''Shameless!'' Long Ling'er finally couldn't stand it anymore and shouted out, ''Dream on!''

Long Xiang had died and Long Fei had gone mad, and that was why they dared to be so bold.

They were clearly just trying to split the Long family assets up for their own benefit!

The moment the assets were divided, the Long family would really fall.

When that happened, even the gods wouldn't be able to save the family.

Besides, in a place like the north, once the Long family started falling apart, there was no way they could make a comeback.

''Long Ling'er!'' her eldest uncle shouted loudly at her. ''You don't call the shots in the Long family now!''

''I'm your elder, so I get to decide how to split up the assets!'' he yelled loudly, disregarding Long Ling'er's protests.

Everyone knew that the Long family was

now on the wane.

Long Xiang had suddenly died like this, so there was clearly a problem. The Long family was in danger!

On top of that, the next head of the family, Long Fei, had gone crazy and kept saying things that didn't make sense, so that made everyone even more nervous than before.

If they didn't quickly seize the opportunity to take as much from the family as they could right now, there would be nothing left for them to take after the Long family had completely collapsed.

''None of you will ever be able to call the shots in the Long family!'' Long Ling'er replied nastily. ''You can forget about taking a single cent from the Long family!''

''Just you wait!''

The atmosphere became very tense

suddenly, and they could break out in a fight anytime now.

Long Ling'er was so heartbroken. These uncles were normally so kind towards her and seemed to get along well, but today, they had shown their true colors.

Familial ties stood for nothing in the face of monetary benefits.

Her uncles had already gathered information on how much the Long family still owned and were here to split everything up in front of Long Ling'er and her dead fat her.

They were purposely doing this to agitate Long Ling'er and to make sure she knew who really called the shots in the Long family now.


Long Ling'er was so angry that her entire


body was trembling as she watched her uncles just talk about splitting the assets up as if she didn't exist.

''All of you have gone too far!''

''Gone too far?'' her eldest uncle replied coldly. ''Long Ling'er, let me tell you now. I was the one who allowed your father to become the head of the family back then, and now I'm taking the position that belongs to me right back. So what do you mean by I've gone too far?''

''I'm trying to make sure the little that the Long family has gets to stay in the family, do you understand?''

Chapter 882 Collecting Debts

Long Ling'er bit her lips hard and was so angry she couldn't get a single word out. She had never seen someone so shameless before!

She watched as these greedy people swallowed up the Long family assets. She wanted to fight back, only to find that she couldn't do anything about it.

They were purposely splitting the assets in front of her. But there was nothing she could do except voice out her protests.

''We've discussed it among ourselves," said her eldest uncle, Long Qiang, as he turned to look at Long Ling'er. ''The Long family cannot go without a leader. Your father has died, but the Long family has to continue advancing. Otherwise, how are we going to keep our position as a supremely powerful family?''

He went on before Long Ling'er could say anything, ''From now on, I will be the head


of the family. Your uncles are all fine with it, so that's decided."

''I will preside over all matters pertaining to the Long family, and they will keep me in check. You can just concentrate on dealing with your father's funeral."

Long Ling'er's eyes were bloodshot. She had really underestimated how low these people could go

They were being this blatant about it now?

''If my dad hadn't died and my brother hadn't gone mad, would you have dared to do something like this?'' she asked the people around her. Her words were dripping with sarcasm.

All of them had nasty expressions on their faces. It was true that if Long Xiang hadn't died and Long Fei hadn't gone mad, they would have no say in the Long family at all.

''There are no ifs," scoffed Long Qiang. He looked over at the coffin and was sure that Long Xiang wasn't going to just walk out of it alive.

''That's that then! Now, as the head of the Long family, I'm ordering you to hand over everything that you have on your hands!

You shall obey what I say!'' ''Dream on!''

''Long Ling'er!'' shouted Long Qiang. ''Do you want your father to die with regrets? Do you want to watch the Long family fall apart and be swallowed up by the other supremely powerful families?''

''If that happens, then Long Ling'er, you're the greatest sinner of the Long family! You will be unable to face your father and all your ancestors after you die!''

All the uncles started blaming Long Ling'er and berating her, as if she was being unfilial

if she didn't hand over her share of the assets.

''Hand them over! Hand them over right now!''

''You have no control over the Long family assets! Hand them over now!''

''Hand them over!''


Tears streamed down Long Ling'ers face. Were these people...really her relatives?

All she saw were ugly and evil faces!

''Master Long!'' The butler was quick enough to change sides and ran over to Long Qiang to greet him. ''There's someone outside who says that he wants to see the head of the Long family."

Long Qing instantly smiled.

He had just become the head of the Long family and someone had come knocking on his door already. His authority and might was no weaker than Long Xiang's after all.

''Let him in, I suppose he's here to send his condolences.''

''Yes, Master."

The butler immediately ran out again.

Long Qiang looked at Long Ling'er and sighed.

''Don't be stubborn anymore, you can't fight us. Let's not make things so ugly here and make us all look bad. If you can't even get your father's funeral right, then you're truly unfilial."

A set of footsteps could be heard walking in from outside the main hall.

Long Qiang looked up to see someone he


didn't recognize and walked over immediately.

''Who are you? What are you doing in the Long house?'' His voice carried authority and he had already gotten himself into the role of being the head of the Long family.

The way he talked and walked made him

sound and look like the head of a supremely powerful family.

He had that air of being someone in a higher position than others, as if he wanted everyone else to kowtow before him.

''Me?'' Jiang Ning looked at him, then turned to glance at the lonely and helpless Long Ling'er and said calmly, ''I'm here to collect debts from the Long family."